Online Shopping – The Electronic Gift Solution

Just when you thought e-commerce was the best thing invented since sliced bread, another solution to deliver a gift from the comfort of home is invented. If you have used email and eCards (electronic-greeting-cards), electronic gift giving is another option to add to your Internet shopping abilities. We’ve all gone the plastic gift card route when we ran out of time to find a gift appropriate for some special occasion. We waited till the last minute to send a perfect gift just to discover we forgot a size, weren’t sure of some preference or another or; flatly didn’t take the time to shop at a brick and mortar or online shop.

Well now, you can select an actual personalized physical gift to send to that someone special. You’ll look like the important event was never forgotten because of the boatload of other distracters that came about. You know what I’m talking about – job deadlines, medical emergencies, school events, car repairs, family dilemmas, sports events, detours or a million other sidetracks. I know you love your spouse but did you ever sleep in on say Valentines Day, run out of the house in panic just to realize upon getting to work you didn’t even kiss someone special goodbye let alone have a card, flowers or some other acknowledgment of this important relationship for your better half? Your situation has just been rescued!

With an electronic gift an email announcement is sent within minutes! The e-commerce merchant that has a wide selection of physical gifts on their website sends out an email to the gift recipient with a personal message from you. The email announcement has a URL (link) taking your special someone to a special page on a website showing the gift you have selected for them. That special someone you selected simply has to tell the merchant where they would like the gift delivered and it’s soon on it way.

Here is an even better benefit; you can also decide to select a handful of gifts that are similar in price. Your recipient will be able to choose the product they like best. This is a really great option if you are not exactly sure what they might like. For example, you could select the following items; a gourmet food basket, a flower arrangement or a box of smoked salmon.

That special eGift page will show them your three choices (but not to worry, the receiver would not be able to see the listed prices). They could read about the listed items in detail, choose the one they wish to receive, select any special options that might apply (you know – size, color, style) and fill in their shipping address distributor alat listrik.

This solution is a great resource for the person who seems to have everything, for business gifts, when you are clueless as to what a person would truly want or you don’t want to hang yourself by sending the wrong size, color or whatnot. You can choose any number of gift choices from three, five or twenty-five. No, they can’t hose you and drain your credit card. They only get to choose one of the gift choices (unless specified otherwise) you’ve selected for them and they’ll have a great time choosing their favorite.

When you are doing your electronic gift checkout process, you’ll be shown the range of prices for the items you selected, so you’ll have an idea of how much your going to be charged. You’ll only be charged for the product the recipient selected along with the appropriate shipping and sales tax (depending upon the state your gifted one lives in.)

This program is the perfect last minute gift because the gift announcement is sent via email and arrives within minutes after you complete your Internet checkout process. Then too, if you were really wired for sound and was fortunate enough to plan ahead; you can instead have that announcement email scheduled to arrive on a specific day (up to seven days from the day you fill out your eGift announcement). All gifts’ are sent via Standard delivery – usually UPS Ground or First Class U.S. mail so it may take an additional 3-7 days for delivery depending upon where someone lives.

Your credit card is charged when the recipient goes to the merchant’s web to pick up their selected gift and opts to have it delivered. Unlike a gift certificate, if that scheduled product is never redeemed, your credit card is never charged.

So, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Internet gift giving. I’m not sure of all the places that offer this kind of service or have a one cart/universal shopping cart system that allows shoppers to choose across millions of products, hundreds of stores and thousands of name brands but I do know of at least one if you’re in an immediate crises or panic. Not to take away from my site that offers drop shipping but I have used It’s my gift to you because I really do support consumer awareness and good old fashioned competition.

Tennis Elbow: Diagnosis, Treatment, And Prevention

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a common elbow injury of racket sport players and manual laborers. Tennis elbow is an overuse injury resulting from the performance of repetitive motions with the hand and forearm, such as swinging a tennis racket or a hammer. Such repetitive motions can cause inflammation of the muscles of the forearm. The symptoms of tennis elbow include pain, soreness, and weakness in the muscles on the outside of the forearm. The treatment of tennis elbow is usually conservative, relying on rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medication.

When attempting to diagnosis tennis elbow, a doctor or physical therapist will test for tenderness on or near the bony knob of the elbow joint. Pain that increases when bending the wrist back is also indicative of tennis elbow. Tennis elbow related pain also increases when gripping. Thus, shaking hands may be painful. Finally, a perception of weakness or chronic muscle fatigue in the forearm muscles is an indicator of tennis elbow.

Treatment for tennis elbow is usually conservative and passive. Most importantly, people with tennis elbow should avoid the activities that cause forearm pain (e.g., playing tennis) until the injury heals. Ceme Online – Rest will often correct tennis elbow in a matter of weeks. In addition, the use of ice and anti-inflammatory medications can ease pain and promote healing. Physical therapy and heat therapy may also hasten the healing process. Finally, upon returning to regular activity, wearing an elbow and forearm brace can prevent recurrence of tennis elbow. Elbow braces, available at drug stores, help prevent tennis elbow by restricting movement and use of the elbow.

Because treatment of tennis elbow and recovery from tennis elbow can be a long, frustrating process, prevention is the best strategy. For tennis players, several equipment adjustments can help prevent tennis elbow. Players should select a racket with a midsized racket head (90 – 105 square inches) and high flexibility (stiffness index lower than 65). Additionally, players should string their rackets with soft strings such as synthetic nylon or natural gut at the low end of the recommended tension range. Finally, to prevent tennis elbow, players should ensure that the grip of their racket is neither too large nor too small.

Besides equipment adjustments, tennis players (and others) attempting to prevent tennis elbow can follow several guidelines related to physical activity. First, strengthening the muscles of the hand, wrist, and forearm is perhaps the best way to prevent tennis elbow. Strengthening these muscles helps reduce strain on the elbow itself. Appropriate and effective wrist and forearm exercises include wrist curls and extensions (with very light weights), squeezing a tennis ball in the palm of the hand, and placing a rubber band around the fingers and extending the fingers. In addition to strengthening exercises, it is important that tennis players consult a tennis professional to ensure that their strokes are efficient, correct, and are not placing undue strain on the elbow.

In conclusion, while tennis elbow is a potentially debilitating injury, taking appropriate preventative measures and consulting knowledgeable professionals can help limit the negative effects of tennis elbow.

The first and most important point in match play is to know how to lose

The first and most critical point in match play is to know how to lose. Lose happily, liberally, and like a sportsman. This is the primary extraordinary law of tennis, and the second resemble unto it to win humbly, merrily, liberally, and like a sportsman.

The object of match play is to win, however no credit goes to a man who does not win decently and decisively. A triumph is a thrashing on the off chance that it is other than reasonable. Once more I say to win is the item, and to do as such, one ought to play to the last ounce of his quality, the last wheeze of his breath, and the last scrap of his nerve. On the off chance that you do as such and lose, the better man won. In the event that you don’t, you have victimized your rival of his privilege of beating your best. Be reasonable to both him and yourself

“The Play’s the thing,” and in match play a decent thrashing is significantly more noteworthy than an empty triumph. Play tennis for the amusement’s purpose. Play it for the men you meet, the companions you make, and the joy you may provide for people in general by the dedicated yet donning diversion that is owed them by their nearness at the match.

Numerous tennis players feel they owe the general population nothing, and are allowing some help by playing. It is my conviction that when general society so respects a player that they go to matches, that player is in compelled by a solemn obligation to put forth a valiant effort, openly, enthusiastically, and happily, for just by so doing would he be able to reimburse the honor paid him. The tennis star of today owes his open as much as the performing artist owes the group of onlookers, and just by meeting his commitments can tennis be held in broad daylight support. The players get their prize in the individual fame they pick up by their upright work.

There is another component that is significantly more grounded than this, that will dependably deliver fine tennis in title occasions. It is the aggressive soul that is the breath of life to each genuine sportsman: the longing to demonstrate to himself he can beat the best of the other man; the genuine misgiving that comes when he wins, and feels the failure was not taking care of business.

The sharp focused soul that animates a match player additionally expands the anxious strain. This ought to be perceived by competition councils, and the states of play ought to be as about institutionalized as climate licenses.

The primary thing to settle solidly in your psyche in playing a match, is never to permit your rival to play a shot he prefers in the event that it is conceivable to compel him to make one he doesn’t. Study your adversary both on and off the court. Search for a shortcoming, and, once discovering it, pound it without benevolence. Keep in mind that you don’t choose your method of assault. It is chosen for you by the shortcoming of your adversary. On the off chance that he aversions to meet a netman, go to the net. On the off chance that he needs you at the net, stay back and constrain him to come in. On the off chance that he assaults violently, meet his assault with a similarly solid hostile.

Keep in mind that the most grounded guard is to assault, for if the other man is possessed in meeting your assault, he will have less time to detail his own particular framework.

On the off chance that you are playing a relentless man, don’t endeavor to beat him unexpectedly. He is preferred at it over you much of the time, so go in and hit to win. Then again, on the off chance that you find that your rival is wild and inclined to miss, play safe and harvest the full product of his mistakes. It spares you inconvenience and takes his certainty.

Most importantly, never show signs of change a triumphant diversion.

Continuously change a losing amusement, since, as you are getting beaten that way, you are no more regrettable off and might be better with another style.

The subject of changing a losing diversion is an intense thing. It is difficult to say exactly when you are truly beaten. On the off chance that you feel you are playing admirably yet have lost the principal set around 3-6 or 4-6, with the loss of stand out administration, you ought not change. Your diversion is not by any means a losing amusement. It is essentially an instance of one break of administration, and may well win the following set. Assuming, Poker Online be that as it may, you have dropped the principal set in a 2 out of 3 match with yet maybe a couple recreations, now you are dominated and ought to take a stab at something else.

Take risks when you are behind, never when ahead. Dangers are just worth while when you have everything to win and nothing to lose. It might spell triumph, and at any rate won’t hurry rout. Most importantly, never lose your nerve or trust in a match. By so doing you have given your rival around two focuses an amusement a somewhat hard impair to beat getting it done.

Never let your adversary know you are concerned. Never demonstrate weariness or torment in the event that it is conceivable to maintain a strategic distance from, since it will just give him certainty. Keep in mind that he feels pretty much as awful as you, and any indication of debilitating on your part urges him to go on. As it were, keep your teeth dependably in the match.

Try not to stress. Try not to whine. Fortunes levels up over the long haul, and to stress just bombshells your own particular diversion without influencing your adversary. A grin wins a considerable measure of focuses on the grounds that it gives the impression of certainty on your part that shakes that of the other man. Battle constantly. The harder the strain the harder you ought to battle, yet do it effectively, cheerfully, and appreciate it.

Do We Really Live In An Electronic Age?

I decided to transfer funds from one pension plan to another. I had a 401(K) that I converted to an IRA when I left the private sector and went to work for the government.

The government’s version of a 401(K) is called a TSP – Thrift Savings Program.

I decided to make the transfer and went to the TSP web site. I was able to download the required form, so that part was electronic.

Then I had to fill it out by hand and send it Fidelity via snail mail. About one week later, I received a letter in the postal mail from Fidelity stating they had tried to contact me by phone to resolve an issue and they were unable to contact me. This was pure BS as both my work and cell phone have voice mail.

I called Fidelity and the problem was they did not know how much I wanted transferred even though I indicated “all”. I was given an assurance that it would be taken care of. I told them to make sure that they filled out the proper section on the form and submit it to the TSP office.

About one week goes by and I receive a letter from TSP, again snail mail, that they have received the check, but do not have the proper transfer form from Fidelity. Without the form, they will send the check back to Fidelity in 15 days.

I once again call Fidelity and am told that the check is sent from one office and the form is sent from another. It doesn’t make sense, but it is there system.

One week later, another letter from Fidelity is received stating that the form has been sent.

I call the TSP office to find out if the check and the form have found each other and no joy. I am told it could take 7 to 10 business days for the two to find each other.

Another week passes, and I call and I am informed that the check and form are back together in a lock box. I guess that this is a good thing and keep my fingers crossed that the money will actually be posted to my account.

Four days later, I see the additional funds in my account. Hooray!

So, for about 3 ½ weeks, my funds were in limbo gaining interest for either Fidelity or the government at TSP.

Fortunately, the stock market didn’t go up or down much during this period, so the value was not really affected. However, it could have been.
It is strange to me that I can transfer funds online from my checking to savings in a matter of seconds. I can transfer funds via email using PayPal for free in a couple of days.

But, if I want to transfer funds from a mega-investing company like Fidelity to one of the biggest pension funds in the world, I have to do via the post office and wait almost one month for the transaction to be finalized.

Beli Mesin Sabut Kelapa Electronic age, my eye!

The Truth About Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Lyme Disease part5

Heat can be helpful for treating Lyme Disease because the bacteria appears to prefer a low body temperature and is vulnerable to high heat. There are many different sources of heat that can be used to treat this condition. Heat can also be helpful for people with fibromyalgia and CFS who may actually have undiagnosed cases of Lyme Disease. People usually feel a worsening of symptoms before they feel an improvement with the use of heat. My personal theory is that this is because the heat stirs up the bacteria before it kills it off or triggers the immune system to kill the bacteria off. This is speculative on my part. The use of saunas can be very useful. A far infrared heat lamp can be used on problem areas. Hot baths taken for forty minutes at 102-104 degrees Fahrenheit have been shown to enhance immune system response in people with infectious diseases and auto-immune disorders in a research study done at Bastyr University. A Chinese therapy called moxibustion can also be useful in warming problem areas. I do not recommend the use of cold packs or ice for pain in people with Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, or CFS as these therapies reduce circulation to areas where circulation is likely to already be compromised. Also, the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease appears to prefer a cool environment, so cold therapy may cause real problems in people with this condition.

In spite of the fatigue that people with fibromyalgia, CFS, and Lyme Disease may feel, a certain amount of exercise can be very beneficial if they are up to the challenge. It is important not to overexert oneself, but a brisk walk or other exercise that gets one’s heart pumping can be helpful. Again, exercise can be helpful because it can improve circulation in the body, and improve oxygenation of the body’s tissues. Jamu Kuat, Exercises such as stretching and yoga that help to improve flexibility and loosen muscles can also be helpful. Hot yoga, where yoga is done in a room where the heat is cranked up can be particularly helpful because it combines exercise with heat therapy. It is important not to push too hard when doing exercise. The point is to improve your health, and not to wipe yourself out more.

Magnesium appears to be a useful supplement for people with these conditions. Many people report an improvement in their muscle pain when taking a magnesium supplement on a regular basis. It is important to reduce intake of sugar, dairy products and bread while increasing intake of green vegetables. Spirulina can be a useful addition to your health regimen as it is both nourishing and detoxifying. It may also be helpful to reduce consumption of tomatoes as they seem to encourage acidity in the body. Flax seed oil has an anti-inflammatory effect that can be very helpful. Alpha-lipoic acid is a helpful anti-oxidant. It may help nerve function and improve liver function.

As you can see, fibromyalgia, CFS, and Lyme Disease are complex ailments, but there are many promising therapies that people with these conditions are likely to find helpful.

Baseball wagering: putting down a wager on the white sox is dangerous business

Whenever you begin consider putting cash in a protecting World Champion you do as such with a lot of danger as Las Vegas linemakers are going to make you pay a premium to back them.

A valid example is the Chicago White Sox who paralyzed the world a year ago when they knocked off the Houston Astros and raged out of the entryway this year, in great design.

As of late however the Ozzie Guillen drove group have demonstrated a few breaks in the defensive layer and when this happens, you can generally take a gander at the pitching staff as the guilty party. They have now lost three consecutively and both Jose Contreras and Freddy Garcia were both lir up truly great by the Cleveland Indians.

Garcia drives the group with 7 triumphs however those numbers are extremely deceptive and this person scarcely gets his fastball past 85 mph at best. His ERA is 4.57 and he has surrendered 74 hits in 69 innings. Bandar Bola, In the mean time John Garland as common is surrendering a plenty of grand slams, however he is likewise not hitting anybody out with only 33 K’s in 63 innings.

Chicago comes back to the neighborly limits of US Cellular Field this weekend to have a Texas group that is surging and drives the AL West. The White Sox have lost five of their last six diversions to the Rangers (28-25) in general, yet have won four of the last five gatherings at U.S. Cell Field.

Texas has won five of its last seven challenges and leads the AL West by 3 1/2 diversions over Oakland.

Jon Garland (4-2, 6.25 ERA) is 1-0 with a 2.75 ERA in three home begins this season. He won out and about Sunday, in spite of permitting five runs and seven hits in six innings of a 7-5 triumph over the Blue Jays. Toronto hit three grand slams off of Garland, expanding the 26-year-old right-hander’s season aggregate to 16 homers permitted – the second-most in the majors.

The Rangers open their 10-diversion street trip with 24-year-old right-hander Kameron Loe (3-5, 4.48) taking the hill on Friday. Loe is 1-0 with a 2.57 ERA in two profession amusements against the White Sox.

Wreath will have his hands full with the intensely hot Texas hitters, particularly Mark Teixeira who is 10-for-28 (.357) with two homers and three pairs in his last eight diversions, and is 7-for-16 (.438) with two homers, three copies and 11 RBIs in his profession against Garland.