Do We Really Live In An Electronic Age?

I decided to transfer funds from one pension plan to another. I had a 401(K) that I converted to an IRA when I left the private sector and went to work for the government.

The government’s version of a 401(K) is called a TSP – Thrift Savings Program.

I decided to make the transfer and went to the TSP web site. I was able to download the required form, so that part was electronic.

Then I had to fill it out by hand and send it Fidelity via snail mail. About one week later, I received a letter in the postal mail from Fidelity stating they had tried to contact me by phone to resolve an issue and they were unable to contact me. This was pure BS as both my work and cell phone have voice mail.

I called Fidelity and the problem was they did not know how much I wanted transferred even though I indicated “all”. I was given an assurance that it would be taken care of. I told them to make sure that they filled out the proper section on the form and submit it to the TSP office.

About one week goes by and I receive a letter from TSP, again snail mail, that they have received the check, but do not have the proper transfer form from Fidelity. Without the form, they will send the check back to Fidelity in 15 days.

I once again call Fidelity and am told that the check is sent from one office and the form is sent from another. It doesn’t make sense, but it is there system.

One week later, another letter from Fidelity is received stating that the form has been sent.

I call the TSP office to find out if the check and the form have found each other and no joy. I am told it could take 7 to 10 business days for the two to find each other.

Another week passes, and I call and I am informed that the check and form are back together in a lock box. I guess that this is a good thing and keep my fingers crossed that the money will actually be posted to my account.

Four days later, I see the additional funds in my account. Hooray!

So, for about 3 ½ weeks, my funds were in limbo gaining interest for either Fidelity or the government at TSP.

Fortunately, the stock market didn’t go up or down much during this period, so the value was not really affected. However, it could have been.
It is strange to me that I can transfer funds online from my checking to savings in a matter of seconds. I can transfer funds via email using PayPal for free in a couple of days.

But, if I want to transfer funds from a mega-investing company like Fidelity to one of the biggest pension funds in the world, I have to do via the post office and wait almost one month for the transaction to be finalized.

Beli Mesin Sabut Kelapa Electronic age, my eye!

The Truth About Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Lyme Disease part5

Heat can be helpful for treating Lyme Disease because the bacteria appears to prefer a low body temperature and is vulnerable to high heat. There are many different sources of heat that can be used to treat this condition. Heat can also be helpful for people with fibromyalgia and CFS who may actually have undiagnosed cases of Lyme Disease. People usually feel a worsening of symptoms before they feel an improvement with the use of heat. My personal theory is that this is because the heat stirs up the bacteria before it kills it off or triggers the immune system to kill the bacteria off. This is speculative on my part. The use of saunas can be very useful. A far infrared heat lamp can be used on problem areas. Hot baths taken for forty minutes at 102-104 degrees Fahrenheit have been shown to enhance immune system response in people with infectious diseases and auto-immune disorders in a research study done at Bastyr University. A Chinese therapy called moxibustion can also be useful in warming problem areas. I do not recommend the use of cold packs or ice for pain in people with Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, or CFS as these therapies reduce circulation to areas where circulation is likely to already be compromised. Also, the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease appears to prefer a cool environment, so cold therapy may cause real problems in people with this condition.

In spite of the fatigue that people with fibromyalgia, CFS, and Lyme Disease may feel, a certain amount of exercise can be very beneficial if they are up to the challenge. It is important not to overexert oneself, but a brisk walk or other exercise that gets one’s heart pumping can be helpful. Again, exercise can be helpful because it can improve circulation in the body, and improve oxygenation of the body’s tissues. Jamu Kuat, Exercises such as stretching and yoga that help to improve flexibility and loosen muscles can also be helpful. Hot yoga, where yoga is done in a room where the heat is cranked up can be particularly helpful because it combines exercise with heat therapy. It is important not to push too hard when doing exercise. The point is to improve your health, and not to wipe yourself out more.

Magnesium appears to be a useful supplement for people with these conditions. Many people report an improvement in their muscle pain when taking a magnesium supplement on a regular basis. It is important to reduce intake of sugar, dairy products and bread while increasing intake of green vegetables. Spirulina can be a useful addition to your health regimen as it is both nourishing and detoxifying. It may also be helpful to reduce consumption of tomatoes as they seem to encourage acidity in the body. Flax seed oil has an anti-inflammatory effect that can be very helpful. Alpha-lipoic acid is a helpful anti-oxidant. It may help nerve function and improve liver function.

As you can see, fibromyalgia, CFS, and Lyme Disease are complex ailments, but there are many promising therapies that people with these conditions are likely to find helpful.

Baseball wagering: putting down a wager on the white sox is dangerous business

Whenever you begin consider putting cash in a protecting World Champion you do as such with a lot of danger as Las Vegas linemakers are going to make you pay a premium to back them.

A valid example is the Chicago White Sox who paralyzed the world a year ago when they knocked off the Houston Astros and raged out of the entryway this year, in great design.

As of late however the Ozzie Guillen drove group have demonstrated a few breaks in the defensive layer and when this happens, you can generally take a gander at the pitching staff as the guilty party. They have now lost three consecutively and both Jose Contreras and Freddy Garcia were both lir up truly great by the Cleveland Indians.

Garcia drives the group with 7 triumphs however those numbers are extremely deceptive and this person scarcely gets his fastball past 85 mph at best. His ERA is 4.57 and he has surrendered 74 hits in 69 innings. Bandar Bola, In the mean time John Garland as common is surrendering a plenty of grand slams, however he is likewise not hitting anybody out with only 33 K’s in 63 innings.

Chicago comes back to the neighborly limits of US Cellular Field this weekend to have a Texas group that is surging and drives the AL West. The White Sox have lost five of their last six diversions to the Rangers (28-25) in general, yet have won four of the last five gatherings at U.S. Cell Field.

Texas has won five of its last seven challenges and leads the AL West by 3 1/2 diversions over Oakland.

Jon Garland (4-2, 6.25 ERA) is 1-0 with a 2.75 ERA in three home begins this season. He won out and about Sunday, in spite of permitting five runs and seven hits in six innings of a 7-5 triumph over the Blue Jays. Toronto hit three grand slams off of Garland, expanding the 26-year-old right-hander’s season aggregate to 16 homers permitted – the second-most in the majors.

The Rangers open their 10-diversion street trip with 24-year-old right-hander Kameron Loe (3-5, 4.48) taking the hill on Friday. Loe is 1-0 with a 2.57 ERA in two profession amusements against the White Sox.

Wreath will have his hands full with the intensely hot Texas hitters, particularly Mark Teixeira who is 10-for-28 (.357) with two homers and three pairs in his last eight diversions, and is 7-for-16 (.438) with two homers, three copies and 11 RBIs in his profession against Garland.