Advertising/Marketing Humor

Wise Words of Encouragement for the Youth of Today

  (The following is a commencement address given by Patrick Scullin, ECD of Ames Scullin O’Haire Advertising/Atlanta, to the graduating class of The Huckington School of Advertising Arts & Sciences & Whatnot in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania) Greetings, graduating class of 2008. I am honored to be here and delighted that this P.A. system is working. “Check, …

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Advertising/Marketing Reviews

An Adman on “Mad Men”

  ? Television teaches a lot. To people outside the advertising industry, their view of our world was McMahon and Tate. What they knew of our profession was from watching “Bewitched” and seeing Darrin Stephens conjure up brilliant ideas and pitch them to clients as Larry Tate slapped them on the back and cheered Darrin …

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Humor monkeys Rants and Raves

Monkey Crisis, Monkey Love

 Recently I came across this alarming image and frankly life has not been the same since. It seems to me that monkeys need to get along and be more accepting and open to tender loving, compassionate relationships.?If they continue with their drinking, debauchery, sword fighting and gambling on violent conflicts, well, I don’t see much …

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Rants and Raves

Sports Hurts

 They were the best seats I’d ever had at a baseball game. Eight rows back, between home plate and third base. Seats so close when the players scratched I felt it. Ahhh, that’s the spot. Seats so close one could almost feel the showers of spit. The kind of seats where you can park your …

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Advertising/Marketing Rants and Raves

On Vanishing Turds

  The following appeared in Creativity Atlanta’s e-newsletter premier edition. The request was for a ‘rant’ on the subject of my choice to the ad community at large. I turned the faucet on, and here we are. I am what ad-historians refer to as an ‘old fart.’ I can be carbon dated to the days …

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