About da Blog

Well, lookee here, another blog.

Let’s hope not.

Yes, you’ll find some rants and raves like other blogs, some attempts at humor, various monkey images and maybe even some informed and inspiring points of view. Possibly even a few pictures of squirrels dressed as blacksmiths––anyone got some? Don’t bogart them, pal. Share.

More than anything, you can expect this from The Lint Screen: immortality.

Because unlike every other blog, only The Lint Screen can bring you the iron-clad guarantee* that you will not die if you are a regular reader. If you spread the good word about The Lint Screen, you’ll get industrial-sized gobs of good luck and great health ensuring that your long unending life will be a perpetual state of hunky dory-ness.

Frankly, when you think about, life’s too short to read other blogs––blogs that will eventually kill you. Read The Lint Screenwhere immortality lives forever.

No wonder The Lint Screen is one of the world’s most popular blogs with the words “Lint,” “Screen” and “The” in the title.

Thanks for playing, come again soon and live, baby, live!

*Should you die, we’re really sorry that God really needed you in heaven.